William Alburger

Biography of The Artist

Bill's childhood was filled with outdoor adventures in nature. He always had a dog at his side as he explored his parent's property and his neighborhood, dragging home the "treasures" they had found. The pond, the "crick", the tree fort, the chicken house and the woods were his favorite haunts. This became the school where the artist formed. Here his love of wood, his gift of art, his passion for recycling and his addiction to collecting were perfectly united. These elements form the foundation for everything that Bill creates.

Bill's strong work ethic led him to accept summer employment with his grandfather's painting company at the age of fourteen. He kept this up all of the way through High School and Art School. At the time of his grandfather's passing, Bill had so many established customers who trusted him, that he felt the most responsible thing to do would be to carry on with his grandfather's business. His art continued playing a minor role in his life, though the visions never waivered.

After twenty-five years of being a successful private businessman, Bill had to face the prospect of surgery or a career change due to an over use injury in his shoulder. This situation was the necessary catalyst that allowed him to pull away from a "good living" without forsaking his principles of responsibility and loyalty.

In 1998 Bill's life-long art "hobby" became the main focus of his time and energy. His dedication to a "good living" led him to focus on functional art, and his passion for wood helped him choose a preferred medium. With the genuine support and energetic labor of family and friends, Bill launched Wall Furnishings. As customers and patrons increased, Bill's growing confidence allowed him to bring to life what he saw in his mind and often sketched on paper. His years of contracting became invaluable as they empowered him to take his sketches from the paper to a professionally finished product.

Bill has a strong faith in God. He considers it a privilege to work outside in God's creation with his dogs and chickens at his feet. He sees his own faith metaphorically represented in his art. As he takes discarded matter and, with excitement and hope, painstakingly creates something beautiful with value and purpose, he feels this symbolically represents God's love for humankind.

Bill continues to enjoy the pleasures of his childhood, and it can be debated whether or not his childhood is over! He still has a dog at his side as he explores neighborhood properties, only now it is in response to the people who answer his "looking for old wood" ads. The property where he and his wife Joanne reside has two "cricks", and a chicken house/hotel. The tree fort is coming (Caleb and Niall, Bill still has the drawing). Two acres form his outdoor studio where the foundational elements, his love of wood, his gift of art, his passion for recycling and his addiction to collecting come together. These can all be clearly traced in every one-of-a-kind and limited edition piece. Bill mixes his in-depth knowledge of the newest and best chemical treatments and techniques with years of woodworking. His projects are strong and sturdy with amazing color and texture. He does not stop until he is satisfied.

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